Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Look Who Turned SIX! My Zebber!!

I don't know if I turned around, blinked, blacked out, or a time warp occurred...but somehow six years have passed since my baby boy, Zeb, was born. Many of you remember that crazy story, some of you experienced it with us! Little bitty thing born premature...had to leave him in the NICU for two weeks so he could finish cookin', driving over to the hospital every three hours to feed him so he could get strong...now look at him! Seems like yesterday...makes my heart so sad that time is speeding by so fast! Just a couple of years ago Shawn and I could quote Toy Story line for line, last year it was his Ross Gellar phase with all of the dinosaurs, and now...it's PS2 and Star Wars...what will be next? GIRLS?! Oh good Lord...I'm not ready for that! Mommy and Daddy love you big boy!

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genarae said...

He is sooo adorable! I have blogger too...it has nothing on it!!!!!!!! :o)