Sunday, October 14, 2007

What a Wonderful Family!

Thank you so much Denise for letting me be a part of your fun day! I'll get you your CD just as soon as I little family has been living at your business quite a bit lately! :) Here are just a few photos to take a peek at. I'm so sorry Denise that this hasn't worked!!! I resized the keep your fingers crossed! :) It worked! It worked!!

Cute Little Boys...

...Here's Ryker and Raider! Kayla, I'm so sorry I'm just now getting these teasers up. I am so far behind right now and I apologize to everyone that is having to wait on their photos! Life has thrown me for some loops right now...too many irons in my fire. I know we still need to do the cake photos...I'll holler soon! It may have to be next week. I just love your boys too! They are so sweet and what a handsome pair!