Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check out this Country Gal

I went to shoot piglet pictures out at Judy Kennedy's house the other day...but I ended up having a lot more fun with Vandy and Kirby...look how gorgeous Kirby has gotten. I put her up on my SOA gallery and she reminded people of Leann Rhimes!

Friday, July 25, 2008

County Fair 2008

What a surprise to walk into the county fair and see all of these goodies! Little Miss Jenna won first place in the people category, Hanna the Dog won first place in the animal category, L.O.V.E. won first place in the storyboard/other category, and drum rollllll please...."How to Capture a Fairy" won Reserve Grand Champion in the Art Category...woohooooo!

Ella from England

That's right...we've gone global! LOL! This is little Miss Ella who is English...sweetest accent and all! She and Laurcy Belle hit it off right away. Ella you have Mummy bring you to play again when you cross that big pond next time, okay? :)

Chad and Allie

Chad, I think, will end up family. :) And Allie is just such a gorgeous baby girl...I bet she's already changed a ton since these were taken at the end of May.

Little Miss Brooklyn

I love her little expressions...can't wait to take more of this brown-eyed beauty and all of her marvelous outfits her Grandma gets her...so fun! Janice...go get that baby a pettiskirt! :)

Princess Ballet Camp

I took the ballet camp pics for Tumbleweeds...what a sweet camp! The kids learned ballet, etiquette, made crafts, and had a tea each day. Then they got to dress up on their last day of camp and had their hair and makeup done for the little Parent show where the girls all danced with their invisible prince! It was soooo sweet! Tumbleweeds is planning more camps...call'em up and ask them about Cheer camp in August!

By the way...we were running late on time, so my baby princess ballerina girl didn't get to get her picture taken...so I'm putting up a princess shot we took a while back, since she's my favorite princess and all! :)

Owen and Aubrey

Oh my goodness...Terri, you and Evan have some cutie patooties!! Gorgeous kiddos! Poor Evan...hope we didn't drive you staight over the edge! :)

Supermodel Allison

Allison came way back in May...I swear I'm so far behind on keeping this blog updated...but I just had to show off one of my new models! Laurcy Belle just thought you rocked at Spring Ho, Allison and now she wants to sing like you do!!! We were all so proud of you and I am proud to be the photographer of such a famous little girl!! WoooHoooo! I hope you and your mom liked your pics!

Aidan's Turning One!!

Aidan has these beautiful big brown eyes that just melt your heart!! Come again Amanda and Debby...especially when you feel like going fishing again!!! Hahhaa!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hey Missy Prissy! I sure had a blast with you and your mom! You are an absolute natural, Maclinta! I hope you like what I have so far!
Guess what!!! I actually finished your pics tonight! I wanted to get them done before we left on our little trip...so Renee, if you come to town today(Saturday, May 10), the CD will be in that little red wagon on the front porch anytime after 2:00 p.m.! I really hope you like them. -Traci

Friday, May 9, 2008

Little Miss Emma

I am so glad Emma is one of my newest models...just look at that personality shining through already!!! Hey Amanda! I'm finished with your pics...except for the invitation...so send me your address and I'll get your CD sent off. It will probably be sent on Wednesday because I will be out of town on Monday and Tuesday. Once I get the info for the invitation, I'll email that to you! I hope you like your pics! Emma is an absolute little baby doll!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Kirby, we've all decided it should be against the law to be as pretty, smart, and sweet as you are! I had a lot of fun with you, your mom, and of course, my Kady! Good luck at Texas A&M...you won't need it though!